Volunteer Executive

President Jim Myers
Vice-President Trevor Smith
Treasurer Ying Chang (Wendy) Zhao
Secretary Shawna Canaday
Sponsorship Kevin Strangway
Polo Chair Vacant
Whitewater/Safety Chair
Gayle Myers
Webmaster Norris Paquin
Past President Norris Paquin
Summer Coach Supervisor Jim Myers


Your Wapiti Whitewater Kayaking Club consists entirely of volunteer executive boards that have a passion for the sport and a desire to share their passion with the community. The members of the board have many commitments which include work; family, and in addition most members also volunteer their time to other community associations. We do our very best to respond to each and every inquiry in a timely manner on evenings and weekends but please have patience with us, as life does sometimes interfere.


Summer Coach  Anne McNairn